About Us

Michelle and Tammy each have a lifetime of experience seeking natural and holistic ways to achieve their healthcare needs. Together, they have created a powerhouse of products and services to support you throughout your journey towards health and nutrition.

michelleAbout Michelle…

Growing up in Seattle, I routinely saw a naturopath for my healthcare needs. After living with cloudy skies 225 days of the year, my husband and I decided to move to Phoenix in 1999 for the sunshine. Blending my accounting skills with my passion for a holistic lifestyle, I began working in the patient services department of a well-known naturopath in Scottsdale, Dr. Robert Ellsworth. In 2009 I began training with Dr. Rodney Ray, who shared an office with Dr. Ellsworth, and learned even more about the features and benefits of holistic medicine. The combination of my life experiences and in-depth training with Dr. Ellsworth and Dr. Ray inspired me to become a certified Bio-Nutritionalist in 2010.


DSCF4673 - Version 2About Tammy…

Growing up in Phoenix, I have always been committed to holistic practices. As a young mother, I was facing a very difficult decision — teachers at my son’s school were requiring me to have my son tested for hyperactivity. Even though the testing came back negative, the school insisted he still needed medication. Instead, I investigated my options and pursued natural ways to help my son succeed in school. Through my research, I not only found an excellent holistic solution for my son, I also developed a stronger passion for natural health solutions. I pursued degrees as a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Bionutritionist in 2011 and was eager to begin a career in holistic medicine.


teamBecoming a Team…

Being avid health and fitness buffs, we were regularly paired up to help each other achieve our individual goals. We quickly discovered our mutual passion for holistic medicine and nutrition and were inspired to help others achieve optimal health.

In 2011, Biotec Wellness was launched to empower others to take a proactive role in the quality of their health through education, guidance and support. By creating strong partnerships, we develop individualized programs with our clients to help them stay on the right track throughout his or her personal journey. Our unique approach allows our clients to experience benefits from the first visit and throughout their complete journey to health.

As entrepreneurs and mothers of three grown children and one in high school, we are very busy but carve out time to push ourselves (and each other) by setting challenging fitness goals. Michelle competes in Xterra Trail running events and enjoys mountain biking, hiking and traveling – especially to places hosting fitness challenges. Tammy competes in triathlons and enjoys Crossfit training. Tammy also mixes it up with Yoga, Pilates, and anything new that someone asks her to try.

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