Bio-Nutritional Testing

TestingBio-Nutritional Testing is a natural and holistic health check that examines the body’s internal processes through the use of a live blood screening. The test consists of utilizing a single drop of blood and a high powered microscope to view what your body’s blood cells are telling you about your health and changes that can be made to promote further wellness. The blood will be visible on a monitor connected to the microscope, allowing you to examine your blood with the help of a technician. This test will display red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, fungus, cholesterol, liver stress, bacteria, and yeast in order to identify areas of change in the body. Overall, this test will aid in the restoration of healthy blood, identify potential health challenges, address areas of imbalance in the body, re-energize your general health and well-being, and help you develop reachable goals in attaining a healthier body.

Bio-Nutritional Info Sheet