Services & Pricing

Far Infrared Sauna

The Far Infrared Sauna by Sunlighten is designed to eliminate toxins from the body, relieve early symptoms of the cold and flu, promote the restoration of injured cell tissues, and aid in weight loss without. The far infrared sauna is unique in that it utilizes lower internal temperatures, produces two to three times more perspiration, and burns more calories (up to 500 per half hour) than a conventional sauna. The use of lower temperatures allows the body to relax comfortably inside for 30 to 40 minutes without dramatically elevating the body’s heart rate and blood pressure.

$30.00 – 1 Session   ~~     $100.00 – 4 Sessions

Bio-Nutritional Testing

Bio-Nutritional Testing is a natural and holistic health check that examines the body’s internal processes through the use of a live blood screening. The test consists of utilizing a single drop of blood and a high powered microscope to view what your body’s blood cells are telling you about your health and changes that can be made to promote further wellness. Overall, this test will aid in the restoration of healthy blood, identify potential health challenges, address areas of imbalance in the body, re-energize your general health and well-being, and help you develop reachable goals in attaining a healthier body.

$45.00 – Initial test  ~~   $35.00 – Per follow-up test

ZYTO Signature Bio Mapping Analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask your body what it needs to achieve ideal health? Bio-mapping, an exciting new technology can help you do just that. The Bio Mapping Analysis utilizes the ZYTO technology to ask your body questions and receive your body’s answers through a method known as biocommunication. After the test is complete, the body’s responses are documented into a report that is reviewed by you and your technician. Overall, Bio Mapping Analysis displays your individual biological preferences and needs that can help you in attaining your health and wellness goals.

$60.00 – Initial Custom Zyto Scan    ~~   $45.00 – Advance Food Preference Test  ~~  $25.00 Basic Zyto Scan

Biotec Monthly Membership Package

The Basic Service Package includes one Bio-Nutritional Test, one Basic Bio Mapping Analysis, three sessions with the Infrared Sauna, and 20% off all MicroTech supplements.

$85.00 monthly prepaid membership fee ~ (minimum 3 months)

The Tanita Scale

The Tanita Scale is a unique scale that measures body composition in various areas of the body through the use of retractable handgrip electrodes, along with standard feet electrodes. Within seconds, this scale measures and displays a complete body composition profile, including weight, body fat percent (total and segmental), body water percent, muscle mass (total and segmental), bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, metabolic age and physique rating.

$10.00 per scan