Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 1000 Tablets


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Product Description

1000 tablets, 250mg ea. 250g total.

Pure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa offered in the form of chewable tablets.

This form is convenient and easy to take daily.  1000 tablets per bag, 250mg each (250g total).

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is distinguished from Chlorella Vulgaris by its thicker cell wall.

The components of this cell wall may facilitate a slightly more powerful detoxification effect, and promote slightly higher nutritional value than Chlorella Vulgaris.

However, the thickness of this cell wall also makes Pyrenoidosa slightly more difficult to digest.

High in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. Natural detoxifier for immune support.

Contains natural digestive enzymes aiding in bad breath and constipation.

Contains chlorophyll & magnesium to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

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