Signature Bio Mapping Analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask your body what it needs to achieve ideal health? Bio-mapping, an exciting new technology, can help you do just that. The Bio Mapping Analysis utilizes the ZYTO technology to ask your body questions and receive your body’s answers through a method known as biocommunication. During a Bio Mapping Analysis, subtle energetic impulses called virtual stimulus items (physical items such as foods, nutritional supplements, prescription medications, etc.) are introduced to your body by a Hand Cradle that establishes the connection between the ZYTO technology and the body. The body then responds to the stimulus items in a positive or negative way, indicating Biological Preference or Biological Aversion to the specific stimulus item. After the test is complete, the body’s responses are documented into a report that is reviewed by you and your technician. Overall, Bio Mapping Analysis displays your individual biological preferences and needs that can help you in attaining your health and wellness goals.