I broke my ankle and was recommended surgery by my Orthopedic Doctor. I was warned without surgery the bone may not heal correctly. I was told without surgery to expect no weight on my ankle for 6 to 8 weeks. Tammy and Michelle recommended the far infrared sauna. In researching, I found that this was an under the radar healing technique used by many athletes.  I opted to try and speed up the healing of my ankle on my own without surgery and committed to using the Biotec Wellness far infrared sauna three times a week.  When I went back to my Orthopedic Surgeon for my three week checkup he told me he could see no signs of the break in my x-ray and that I could begin putting weight on it, AFTER ONLY 3 WEEKS! The far infrared Sauna, ice and elevation were the only treatments I used. I would preach to anyone nursing an injury to connect with Biotec Wellness for a recovery plan. I am extremely grateful that I avoided the cost and headache that comes along with a surgical procedure!

Jim H.  ~ Scottsdale, AZ ~ May 2014

My daughter started to experience severe stomach pains. We were not able to correlate the onset of the pain with any specific food. After a very painful episode of stomach pain, we took her to see a traditional pediatric gastroenterologist, who suggested she avoided all food that caused her pain and prescribed pain medication. I did not feel comfortable with my 15 year old daughter starting prescription pain medication at such a young age. We then took my daughter to Biotec Wellness, where after a simple Bio-Nutritional test, they discovered the issue and recommended simple holistic supplements to get rid of the problem. It has been over 6 months and my daughter has not had a pain episode again.

Fabiana ~ Phoenix ~ February 2014

For several years my daughter had itchy rashes on her arms and legs that would bleed.  Her mother took her to Medical Doctors who told her our daughter is allergic to chicken then wrote out prescriptions for creams and pills.  The rashes never seemed to get any better. Last year I was introduced to Biotec Wellness through a friend who strongly urged I take my daughter there.  A simple blood test showed parasite activity in my daughter’s blood and Tammy Blackwell recommended a liquid to be mixed with water and taken daily to kill the parasites and she recommended a probiotic powder to be mixed with water to be taken daily. Less than one month later my daughter’s rashes are nearly gone and a follow-up test showed nearly all of the parasites are gone from my daughter’s blood.  I strongly urge anyone who has issues they have not been able to have resolved through prescription drugs and M.D.’s to take the time to go to Biotec Wellness.

John C. ~ Phoenix, Arizona ~ January 2014

After dealing with health issues for the past several years, I was introduced to Biotec Wellness.  Among the many healthy choices Biotec has introduced to me, the infrared sauna is one component in which I have personally benefited .  My personal accomplishments realized from spending time in the sauna have included: significant weight loss, improved skin condition, assistance in balancing my hormones along with candida and parasite elimination.  I try to use the sauna once per week and cannot say enough regarding its benefits.

Angie ~ Scottsdale ~ September 2013

I have never been a fan of conventional saunas, so I was a little skeptical to try the infrared sauna. To my disbelief, the infrared sauna was nothing like a convention sauna; I felt relaxed, comfortable, and content throughout my first session. After my first session, I began to use the Infrared Sauna on a weekly basis to help remove toxins and increase my overall well-being. In addition, I have found the infrared sauna to be extremely helpful in reducing the length of cold and flu symptoms. I would recommend the infrared sauna to anyone that is trying to maintain or increase their health.

Nicole H. ~ Scottsdale, Arizona ~ August 2013

My wife and I are aware of the importance of a LIVE blood testing. We were very excited when we found out that Biotec Wellness was offering this service. It is very empowering to sit with Michelle or Tammy and view your blood cells and what is currently going on inside your body. Biotec offers a wide range of affordable modalities to support your health and help your body heal and strengthen your immune system. We truly appreciate the high level of personalized attention that they offer their clientele.

Ron B. Scottsdale, AZ ~ June 2013

Before coming into Biotec Wellness Center I was very lethargic and had lost much of my appetite. When I did eat I was left with a bad stomach ache. I had gone to my primary doctor a couple of times with no success in getting better; that is when my mom referred me to Biotec.  After just one visit it was identified that I had picked up a parasite which attributed to majority of my symptoms.  In addition to looking at my blood, I went through the zyto scan and was able to be given a product to kill the parasite and to get my body back into the right balance.  Within two days I was already beginning to feel better and now I am happy to report that I feel back to my normal, high energy self. If it had not been for the knowledge and expertise from the ladies at Biotec I would not have been able to get back into triathlon training!! Biotec will be my first stop in the future and I will refer them to all my friends and family members. Thank you for all your help!

Shannon – Phoenix, AZ